O’Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee

Mayor Richard M. Daley today announced the formation of a new O’Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee to undertake a comprehensive study for express train service between O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago.

The new express rail service would provide a cost effective and efficient transportation option for O'Hare travelers and help to mitigate congestion on the region's roadway.

Announcement"In Chicago we're looking at how we might build a more efficient express transit service between O'Hare Airport and downtown," Daley said. "The new rapid rail line will help us better connect people, and will expand economic opportunity and create jobs for our residents."

Mayor Daley introduced the O'Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee formed to study the feasibility of the new train service and to identify the plan for developing it.

Lester Crown, Chairman of Henry Crown and Company, has accepted the role of Chair of the O'Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee. 

"I am honored to lead this committee with its many distinguished members, and to take on the mission of recommending a viable sustainable business model for the express train service," said Lester Crown. 

The O'Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee is made up of a group of 17 leaders from the transportation sector, busin
ess community, construction industry and organized labor. The Committee members will review financing and downtown area terminus options, potential routes, implementation schedules and the amenities needed to make this premium service attractive to potential customers.

The new service has the potential for significantly reducing travel times between the airport and downtown, benefiting both business and leisure travelers. Several other global cities have similar infrastructure in place such as London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo, as well as others under development, like Paris.  

"Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Richard M. Daley, the City of Chicago has made great strides in modernizing O'Hare," said Rosemarie S. Andolino, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Aviation. "The formation of the O'Hare Express Train Blue Ribbon Committee will create a road map for Chicago to compete globally by offering fast, efficient and sustainable rail service between O'Hare and downtown. A modernized airport with express rail service is important to our region and aligns us with premier international cities across the globe." 

The express train service would not replace the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line service. The Committee expects the new train service can be complementary to the cost-effective service provided by the CTA.